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51 Main Street
Wynantskill NY
USA 12198
PHONE :518-283-9884
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Davey Enerprise LLC

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Subway Menu Subway Fresh Fit ChoicesFive Dollar Footlongs
Drinks21 oz32 oz44 oz
Low fat or Flavored Milk n/an/an/a
Honest Kids® n/an/an/a
Coca-Cola n/an/an/a
Diet Coke n/an/an/a
Sprite n/an/an/a
Simply Apple® n/an/an/a
Simply Orange® n/an/an/a
Simply Lemonade® n/an/an/a
Fuze® Fresh Brewed Iced Tea n/an/an/a
Dasani® Bottled Water n/an/an/a
Gatorade® n/an/an/a
vitaminwater XXX n/an/an/a
Powerade n/an/an/a
X2 All Natural Energy n/an/an/a
Coffee n/an/an/a

Macadamia Nut n/an/an/a
Oatmeal n/an/an/a
Chocolate Chip n/an/an/a

Add-onsPrice - 6 inch (Add)Price - 12 inch (Add)
Bacon n/an/a
Double Meat n/an/a
Extra Cheese n/an/a

Frito Lay’s® Chips n/a
Apples n/a

Fresh Value MealPrice (Add)
FVM w/ Apples n/a
Fresh Value Meal w/ Chips n/a
Fresh Value Meal w/2 Cookies n/a

Some items may not be available in all markets. Prices and participation may vary. Plus applicable taxes. See store for details