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Local Restaurant Job Application
NOTE: This application will be submitted for consideration to the local SUBWAY® restaurant at 6051 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA , UNITED STATES
We're glad you decided to look into employment with the SUBWAY® Group. The SUBWAY® Group is committed to providing our guests with fresh, healthy meals made right before their eyes, served quickly, and with a friendly smile. That's truly what sets us apart and keeps our guest coming back again and again.
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We sure hope that you'll be able to join the Subway® team at one of our stores. So now that your application is completed, you're probably wondering what's next. Good question!! Let me explain a little more about the Subway® chain and how your application will be handled.
  1. Every store is owned by a local franchise owner who is responsible for hiring his own employees.
  2. Here are some pointers on how to get a job at one of our local Subway® restaurants.
  • Visit in person. You'll probably be asked to fill out a more comprehensive application right there but if you print out the info from this application and tell them you got it off the web site, they'll be impressed.
  • Visit several stores if there are more than one that you could work at. Apply at each one.
  • Apply more than once. If they don't need help now, they may need someone in a month or two. Persistence pays off.

Please note that this web page is presented by Doctor's Associates Inc., the franchisor of the Subway® restaurant system. Since each Subway® restaurant is independently owned and operated, DAI will not be involved in the interviewing and/or hiring of any individual.